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MIC Plus

Commonly known as lipotropic injections. This power packed shot includes B12, methionine, inositol, choline, and carnitine. This shot can boost metabolism and energy, improve stamina, promote liver health and aid in weight loss.

$40/shot. 5 pack for $175.



The mother of all antioxidants. Increases energy and mental clarity, decreases free radicals, helps detox the liver, reduces stress and improves skin. This shot can be a little ouchy but so worth it!

$45/shot. 5 pack for $200.


B12 Methycobalamin

B12 Methycobalamin boosts energy and overall metabolic rate; maintains a healthy liver, helps regulate sleep, mood, appetite and energy; and works synergistically with other nutrients to improve health.

$30/shot. 5 pack for $125


Tri-Immune Blend

Tri-Immune Blend is a triple defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral that assists in supporting the body’s immune response. This powerful trio consists of Vitamin C, Zinc and glutathione.

$50/shot. 5 pack for $225.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports healthy bones and immune system function, may reduce symptoms of depression, and improves tissue and muscle function. Dosing: 50,000 IU, 100,000 IU.

$35/50,000 IU shot (5 pack for $150), $50/100,000 IU shot (5 pack for $225).


NAD+ is a vitamin B3 derivative that can increase energy levels, reduce brain fog, and lessen unwanted cravings. Dosing: 20-200 mg.

$40 - $175, 5 pack for $225 - $850.

Purchase any TWO shots and save $10

Add a shot to any iV service and save $10

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