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I am very impressed with Replenish IV Therapies! The space is beautiful and relaxing, and I felt warmly welcomed. Dawn administered the injections pain free - her technique is excellent! And the value is amazing - high quality B12 for the price of what some medical spas charge for the cheaper version. Many thanks for then boost - will see you back in a month!

--Beki D



Dawn was absolutely great! She knows exactly what you need to get you up and going back at your normal pace! Its super clean and comfy, the music was great, the service is excellent! If you’re not feeling great I would defiantly stop by Brainwash and have Dawn fix you all up!”           

-Anna N.

Dawn is super knowledgeable, professional and it is a relaxing and clean space. If you're curious about the services, pop in and she will explain everything to you. Everyone deserves some TLC!”                                  

-Angela A.

Comfortable, clean, rejuvenating, professional! All your needs to be healthy, refreshed, and hydrated!! :) Dawn is fantastic!!”

-Sarah C.


Dawn Cook and her ..... IV clinic is one of the best gems in Steamboat. I have visited the clinic for several treatments but having an IV cocktail of nourishment prior to my Africa adventure made all the difference for my overall health while I was traveling. Dawn always intently listens to me and is able to offer me exactly what I need. There are lots of offering at the clinic so if you haven't been to ..... IV Therapies, don't miss it.”  

-Mandy L.

Thanks to ..... for my pre-race infusion, typically I would have felt not so good but being as I was well hydrated I was able to celebrate from the top of the podium! Thank you again for keeping me hydrated and feeling amazing after my ride. I will definitely be seeing you again.”

-Matt H. after winning his division at the Steamboat Stinger Mountain Bike Race 2017.

Do yourself a favor and check this place out ..... - IV Therapies. Offering nutrient infusions to hydrate, energize and restore the body. Can help with seasonal allergies ~ race recovery ~ Lyme disease ~ chronic fatigue ~ migraines ~ immune health ~ anti-aging ~ inflammation ~ and so much more. Thank you Dawn Cook!”

-Cristen M.

Thanks Dawn!! That was definitely the best I've ever felt doing a half marathon. I was pretty skeptical yesterday but wanted to show support, now I'm a believer. I trained less this year, but never hit the mind-numbing walls over the hills. I'll never compete without you again.”  

-Stacia W.


When I have a difficult and stressful few days ahead of me, I head over to ..... for some I.V. therapy and individualized vitamins and minerals selected just for me by a specialist, Dawn Cook, R.N." 

-Stacy C



..... IV therapy has been life changing for me. I was really struggling with terrible allergies to foods and various things in my environment. My immune system was spent! I began doing Glutathione infusions which gave my body the support it needed to overcome my allergies and heal. I am eternally grateful for Dawn and the ..... team."

-Diane M. 

I came from Texas to get out of the extreme heat. Shortly after I arrived, I began to experience fatigue, extreme sleepiness, nausea, and upset stomach. I realized I had altitude sickness and tried to wait it out. I missed an entire day of outdoor activities with my family while I slept an entire day. I then researched Replenish IV therapy and decided to get a treatment.
       Approximately two hours afterwards, I began feeling better and in four hours I was back to hundred percent. I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation with my family.
       I know the remainder of my trip would’ve been ruined without this option. I want to thank Dawn for having the foresight to open a treatment facility like this to help people like me!"

-D. Gonzalez MD

This was the first trip I have ever taken to Colorado and NOT had a headache and nausea daily. I was able to hike, walk, sleep easy and even enjoy a beer or two.

       You are WONDERFUL! I hope to come to Steamboat again and will not pass up getting an IV from you. Thank you and always a fan

-E. Green

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