What is it? 


FastVitaminIV® is


  • A patented and proprietary blend of 19 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Developed by Dr. Craig Koniver at Koniver Wellness, Charleston South Carolina.

  • The iV is formulated to make clients feel

    • Improved Mood

    • Better Sleep

    • Boost in Exercise Intensity

    • Expedited Recovery from Exercise

    • Elevated Concentration and Focus

    • Overall Sense of Well Being

    • Help alleviate a hangover or migraine headache

  • Clients usually report they feel the effects of this iV for 3-7 days.

  • It can be given 1-2x/week.

  • Cost will be $160 each. 5 pack for $700 ($100 savings).


What clients can expect:

  • Start to taste the solution first. (taste like a B vitamin)

  • Feel warmth in the back of their throat after about 15 seconds.

  • That warmth will travel down their body and they will feel as if they have to urinate. (don’t worry, no one ever has!)

  • They will continue to get very warm all over. Many times, people remark their feet and hands feel very warm.

  • This heat may cause some blurry vision and lightheadedness.

  • And then, just as quickly as those previous feelings came on, (1 minute), the symptoms dissipate.

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